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    Birth name : Emmanuel Mougnin Moandi

    Also known Of : DJ Ô Emmanü, çenator 007(Seventh; S = ç ), Manü Gabbana, Le petit Manü, Petit Paris de Petit Manü, Ou là, The Man you, The New Boss, Sasdi, Nigga Ricrac Golden

    Born : May 26, 1994 (age 20)

    Origin : Americanize Williamsville of New York, Afro-American Illinois, Georgia, United States

    Genres : Cut Shifted, Hip Hop Red, Ragga, Rap

    Occupation(s) : Semi-Producer, DJ, Singer & Songwriter, Businessman, Rapper, Actors

    Instruments : Piano, Guitar Bass, percussionist Tom-tom, Vocals

    Years active : 1998 In Church actual Philadelphie

    Labels : , Hustle, Music Group, Jay Z sound Record

    Associated acts : Cdt. K. & Dr Alain, Cicilien, His Majesty Kirikou, Living Caption General Kokoumbre, Okogwu Ibusa, Lellow Kitchen, Obrey Drizy, Boss Tunechi, Wealth BossKing of the South, Princess of Austin, Big Boss R R R, Don, SnL , White House noisy musical, DJ accomplice, Apache 8500, Banknot G, Elected Award UNITED NATIONS, Dad Dark Man X, Makaeveli, Gbagbadè di Tahi Zoko, Only beach playa, Snoop lion, Khalifa likes Jimmy, Jah, Kello, Yayo Tired,Tell em, Girl's Tyme, the Dolls 03, Boss Padrio, Fella Omari, Marvellious Dicaprio, Lynn decatur, Rose los, Le Duc de Boulogne, Abdoul K K, Brown, The Holly Moris, Billy Awalé djô, Dear Pess, Unkel Wolfgang ...

    Website :


    Lil Br'O ricrac real name real name Emmanuel Mougnin is an American superstar, actor, author and composer, born May 26, 1994 and Americanize in Williamsville, Erie. He is a member embodying the hustle elected king of preniers born of the earth in these gang activities, which pemettra get a restorer rename with its large plublic. He released his first solo album in 2011, Accelerate your Life which he was the founder inspired by Lil Wayne and Birdman WMCMB.


    Mougnin Emmanuel, born May 26, 1994 and Americanize of Williamsville, Erie grew up in Ivory Coast under the name (S.E.C.R.E.T.B.A.C.K.S.T.A.G.E.O.F.N.A.T.I.O.N.A.L.I.T.Y) gets more success in his career by meeting the United Jetset shortly after téathrale and musical training gettoïser made by the Christian singer of London.
    In 2009, he settled in Senegal because of differants shooting problem and violance army had started peduis September 19, 2002 because he established a relationship with an American artist group in order to work for the release of new albums that will bandage the wounds of the Ivorian nation. The same year, he claims not to be able to contact these artists and announcement before américa Awards 2009 MTV the official release of his album. In the following interview, he confesses that he can not admit was born May 26, coinciding with the arrest of Boss with which he was desirous to collaborate in business, The Boss Ten-Inch-Playa "TI" GRAND HUSTLE GANG. According ricrac, it seems that this will have been easy for him, which allowed him to prison retienir the date of his Boss "May 26, 2009 in Forrest City" to the future rewrite focusing on these troubling.


    After its judgments of corrections, ricrac confirmed to radio From gang D/ O / P / E CRA CCA. It will search its records for students who will contact him so that he could elicit their investment to bring them the Re-up in the future as it will accept it as a fan and friend, which is an artist's place trock of becoming superstar when the artist who is the lord falls again to raise the elect who will contact because it is one of his servant entitled. He added that the future is maintnant, they already know that the revelation is not for another, but for those who will contact the form of harassement will when they hear will.


    Albums Ongoing: Worked on writing "what is Trockenbau"

    * Just One Mark
    *The Second, Test Woman D
    *The Third, Silence in reposes
    *The Fourth, Our Soul is escaped
    *The Fifth, Attraction To thought Black
    *The Sixth, two victims consecutive
    *The Seventh, New Boss
    *The Eight, Panegryc And Memories In the True Back
    *The Ninth, Live up Instant
    *The tenth, Connection Street voice Lane

    Slideshow links on original band

    - Two victims consecutive for the electoral victory of His Excellency Barack Obama (Registered and regain home production " ")

    - Panegryc And Memories In the True Back en Mémoire De Ben Wheeler (Registered and regain home production " ")

    - Test Woman D (Registered and regain home production " " )

    - Silence in reposes(Registered and regain home production " " )

    Liens externes des tubes de l'album

    - Two victims consecutive (

    - Panegryc And Memories In the True Back (

    - Test Woman D (

    -Silence in reposes ( )

    References :

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